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Replacement bumpers and parts

wwr32 Dec 27, 2009

  1. wwr32

    wwr32 New Member

    hi there guys im looking for your help to see if you can point me in the direction of some reputable websites or shops that sell audi s3 replacement front bumpers? how much does a replacement cost from the dealers? also is there any good websites in the uk for all audi parts?:blackrs4:
  2. northernlights

    northernlights A12 Road eater

    theres a place in kent called valks-apart. its your normall audi-vw-sokda shop they do new and used parts and repairs and servicing although i never let them work on my car. i found them to be reasonable on prices and good serivce. no idea how much bumper will be tho, im after one so if you do get a qoute from some where pm me.

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