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Replacement batteries for keys

dandowftm Oct 15, 2009

  1. dandowftm

    dandowftm New Member

    Hi all,

    My remote central locking only seems to work now when i'm pretty close to the car, am I right in assuming that its just the battery's on their way out?

    Does anyone know what type of battery I need to buy, and if changing them will have any effect on the keys such as losing memory?


  2. lugz

    lugz Member

    Most times i've read, its not the battery its the reciever.
    just do a quick search mate theres been loadsa posts on this, also there is a man on here that fixes and sells reconditioned recievers or something look out for his name in one of the posts from the search
  3. s4marsh

    s4marsh Member

    they're usually a CR1620 lithium watch battery you can get them from any place that does watch repairs or even asda sometimes they are very a common battery and when the voltage drops even a little bit they stop working or the range is tiny,but they still emit a signal to a tester its just not strong enough so people think they have a bigger problem

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