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repeated problems with front discs?! HELP.

Dylan Williams Oct 3, 2011

  1. Dylan Williams

    Dylan Williams New Member

    had discs and pads replaced recently, after a couple of weeks Major judder from streering wheel. Found that new pads had scored the discs?! after some argument Audi replaced them under warranty. Its now a month later and am getting judder again?! this time they are not scored just a bit warped, wouldnt mind if iv been hammering around and slamming the breaks on. I heard on other threads that other people have had similar problems with their s3s...do i need to upgrade my front brakes? if so any ideas?
  2. MattBE

    MattBE Member

    If you don't mind me asking, do you sit at traffic lights with your foot on the brake pedal? My old 350z was really prone to getting brake judder as the pads left an imprint on the hot disc and was a ****** to get rid of. Made them judder like a warped brake disc.

    You could try a brake disc 'clearing' technique which may help.

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