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Repalcement Air Filters & MAF Sensor Myth

Fandango80 Jun 30, 2006

  1. Fandango80

    Fandango80 Member

    I am looking to upgrade my air filter to either a K&N induction kit or replacement panel filter. I have heard many stories of the oil from the air filter, getting into the mesh on the Mass Air Flow sensor and stopping it from working correctly.

    Is this a myth or has it actually happened to anyone here?

    Also, what are your opinions on the comparison between Induction kits and repalcement filters... Do they really differ in power increase or is it just the engine tone which changes?

  2. Well..... first of all its never actually happened to me. However, numerous tuning companies say to aviod oil type filters. The oil vapour is supposed to damage the sensor rather than get stuck in the mesh.

    I have a friend who runs a Leon 1.8T and had nothing but problems running a K&N, he went through MAFS like tanks of fuels. so he went back to a standard filter and the broke down less regularly......

    Which there in is the key .... "less regularly" which means the problem could be something else.... still hasnt solved the problem and is currently running around with a knackered one.

    I know some people run K&Ns and just run the risk regardless..... I would imagine a well used K&N that has a low level of oil would be sfare than a new freshly oiled one...... so if your going to do it get a 2nd hand one ;)

    I have an S4 (and an 8l A3 tdi) and the consensus on the rs246.com is that on those engines the performance increase is negligable and not worth the risk.
  3. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    In the past I've used a K&N panel filter and a Neuspeed P-Flo induction kit, both with no probems, but to be honest, if I had my time again I'd save my money and stick to the OEM airbox with the OEM paper filter.

    If you want extra noise, drill your airbox.

    What I would recommend is increase the air feed to the airbox by running some large ducting from the bottom of your front bumper to the airbox. The more cold air the better!

    Induction kits only absorb the heat of the engine (heat soak) therefore your engine sucks in hot air which reduces performance.

    Cold air is the key!
  4. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The AMM's are unreliable anyhow so who knows for sure!

    As mentioned above, you won't get any more power so I would save your cash if I was you and just replace your standard paper filter regularly. Approx £6 from the dealer IIRC..
  5. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    I bought a Pipercross foam panel filter and i know a golf with one in, never had problem, and the foam filteration system will work very well, starts off course then really fine in different stages, and i shud imagine only just a fine mist of spray with the oil from 2' away will do the trick. Havent put mine in yet tho. And foam works well with water filteration systems so should be fine.

    Maybe ppl over sray oil wooried any particles will get thru, and also you have to spray the correct side of course.
  6. Fandango80

    Fandango80 Member

    Thanks for the advice guys, Think im gonna stay with the paper filter then, and route some ducting to the air box. A friend of mine has a seat leon cupra with the same 20v turbo unit, and after installing his carbona induction kit, he felt a loss in power lower down, but a little more torque at higher rpm. I heard removing the fins inside the airbox can also improve flow. Could this be true? Obviously im not gonna take a chainsaw to it unless it does! Hehe. As for drilling the airbox, any ideas where to drill and what diameter holes?
  7. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

  8. Fandango80

    Fandango80 Member

    Cheers, Looks Interesting... Not too sure about the size of holes they have cut there as i can imagine alot of hot air being drawn from the engine bay, but will definately give the cold air intake a go. Think i will cut the fins out from inside the airbox to smooth the flow too.
  9. goon

    goon Member

    i have tried 4 different systems on my a4 1.8t.
    1/ standard box + filter- smooth power, cheap (paper filter £4)
    2/ standard box+ kn panel filter- no noticeable difference
    3/ standard top +kn panel filter(bottom air box housing removed)- bit more urge in lower gears, bit noisier
    4/airbox removed + kn clamp on filter-noticeable power surge,noisier when accelerating hard,definitely works better.
  10. Wicked666

    Wicked666 Active Member

    by clamp on filter - you mean induction kit?

    I'm not sure if I should start cutting the airbox as the engine gets very very warm

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