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Repairing split rims

S3MVR Oct 24, 2011

  1. S3MVR

    S3MVR Member

    My new 8L s3 has got 18x8.5 Brock b4 split rims on it, and although the centres are immaculate, the outer rim parts have been badly treated by previous owners. Originally I just thought it was a case of getting the curbing removed, but after taking the wheels off I now realise they are all flat spotted.
    Does anyone know if new rim parts can be bought? I've googled Brock and not had a great deal of success.
    I'm after some cheap cheap 18's too if anyone has any spare, so I can take the Brock's off until I work out whether to sell them onto someone less picky than myself, or get them repaired/replaced.
    Cheers all!
  2. Tankman

    Tankman Member


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