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Removing turbo & exhaust manifold. Skoda superb AWX 130pd.

rajsta Apr 12, 2014

  1. rajsta

    rajsta Member

    OK, so far I've removed the air box and its related pipework, inlet manifold, turbo oil feed & Return pipe, turbo brace bar.So with all of that removed I still cannot remove the turbo and exhaust manifold from the engine bay!

    I can pull the exhaust manifold away from the cylinder head, but just before the manifold is about to slide off the manifold studs the turbo ends up against the chassis rail.

    I thought you could remove the turbo and exhaust manifold complete together!
    Have I been told wrong? Or am I doing it wrong?
  2. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    You are better off just removing the turbo on it's own.
    This shows how I removed the turbo from my AWX Passat, similar to the Superb.

    UKpassats.co.uk • Login

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  3. rajsta

    rajsta Member

    Thanks Karl (DesertStorm), this guide is just what I've been looking for.

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