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removing the pcv system

future May 19, 2010

  1. future

    future Scuderia Vittoria Edition 001

    Hi, I've heard of people removing the pcv system but thought you needed a catch tank for this? But I found a how to on the internet which only needed a blanking plate? Sorry its a bit vague I don't realy understand the pcv system but are there kind of stages of removing it?
    Many thanks
  2. OllieH

    OllieH Member

    You can remove part of the pcv system without having a catch can. All the parts that connect to the underside of the inlet manifold can be removed and blanked, leaving the PCV valve in place (but with one leg blanked) just for the crank and rocker breathers, which will still go into the TIP via the PRV valve. Loads of info on it in this group buy thread :icon_thumright::


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