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Removing Sportback rear bumper.

BrianM Nov 4, 2006

  1. BrianM

    BrianM BrianM

    I've searched on the forum and taken note of the suggestions but still can't remove the rear bumper, trying to fit towbar. I believe I must be missing some bolts somewhere inside the boot area but just can't find any. Removed the hex screws under the arches, the screws underneath the rear lights housings, 2 beneath the bottom spoiler, I can prise the bumper away from the bodywork on sides but it just wont come off.
    Suggestions or decent pics of the offending items would be greatly appreciated please:confused: .
  2. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

    If towbar is for a caravan dont bother, or procede to nearest volvo dealer(with sidelights on of course).
  3. BrianM

    BrianM BrianM

    Thanks treblesykes, surely someone knows how to remove the bumper.
    And no its not for a caravan, although I think its a shame that there is such a bigotted view of caravanners, a huge amount of people get pleasure from this harmless activity.
  4. ScottTDI

    ScottTDI Member

    Hello Brian,
    Located just below the boot sill near the rear lights are 2 circular blanking discs (a smaller version of the ones you removed to undo the rear lights).
    Remove these and you will see a 10mm nut buried deep inside the rear box section.To undo these two nuts, you will need a long box spanner,as the threads are very long and normal long reach sockets are no good.
    When you remove the nuts,just before you reach the last couple of threads,fill the box spanner with grease to try retain the nuts,other wise the nuts drop in the box section never to be seen again.
    Hope this helps,
  5. BrianM

    BrianM BrianM

    Thanks Scott, yes I saw those and couldn't see how to remove them without dropping into the depths of the car, as you say never to be seen again. My car is in the bodyshop on the 13th to have the front and rear bumpers repainted under warranty as the Misano red is different on these parts to rest of car and the front bumper has peeling lacquer. I had hoped to do it before then but may have run out of time now, so it could be a dealer job instead. If they remove the bumpers to paint then it may not be too much for them do this at the same time? Thanks anyway it all makes sense now.

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