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Removing Nav DVD from RNSE

S3Sport_Guy May 4, 2010

  1. S3Sport_Guy

    S3Sport_Guy Member

    Hi there.

    Anybody out there who knows how to remove the DVD from the RNSE nav unit? I have tried everything - including last resort of reading the user guide!?:think:

    I press the 'eject' button and nothing happens.

    Whilst reading the manual I also familiarised myself with the speech control function via MFSW and I can only access the mobile phone speech control functions - which is useless as my N95 phonebook does not synch up with the unit properly - salesman tried it when I picked up the car - said it was an incompatibility issue - but I can still make handsfree calls. Apparently I can control navigation and radio stations via voice control but I cant make that work - only lists commands for phone.

    Any ideas?
  2. waring192

    waring192 Member

    Your rns-e will still be coded for the eject button disabled. Had the same on mine, either change the setting on Vagcom or pop it down to your local dealers and they will sort it.

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