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removing grill 8p sportback

TM Mar 13, 2011

  1. TM

    TM S-line SB

    Iv looked thru previous threads but cant actually find anything about the following problem so if there is one already sorry!

    Gone to fit a FK black grill (sorry to let the OEM heads down :sorry: my budget didn't stretch to a genuine one!) to my S-line SB this weekend, got the bumper off (thanks to a helpful thread on here) but then i started having trouble actually getting the old grill out, do you have to snap the clips to get it out? was hoping to salvage it and sell it on! or is there a way? because i can't see how to push them out!

    Also the new grill i was going to get it sprayed professionally but then i thought no il get stuck in and give it ago myself so i did, i have sprayed matt black but i don't know if im pleased with this finish, anyone got any pics decent pics of matt black or gloss finish?

    On a positive note, i gave it a good clean and wax, looks sweet! makes me feel like the dogs! feels like its brand new all over again :drool:

    once again sorry if the grill removal subject has been covered!
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

  3. rockape

    rockape Per ardua

  4. TM

    TM S-line SB

    yeah thats the one i used to get the bumper off, but it doesn't go into detail about actually removing the grill from the bumper :\ thanks anyway mate

    edit: apologises, it does:

    "13) There are a couple philips head screws holding the grille to the bumper, remove those. Take your flat head screwdriver to help you push against the many tabs to separate the grille from the bumper. Let me warn you, this was a b!tch, you have to use force, but you also don't want to break anything. Just be patient. This step alone took me about half an hour"

    i guess i just need to take some time and care with it! oh well. try again next weekend!
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2011

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