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Removing full beam bulbs (facelift 2001)?

sparx Dec 22, 2008

  1. sparx

    sparx Member

    I have searched and cannot find the right answer, for some reason I can find about 100 posts on removing the side lights (which to me seems bloody obvious) and yet I can't find any info on removing the other bulbs in the headlight.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction - I need to know how the full beam bulbs are removed. There seems to be some sort of wire clip holding the bulb in, but I can't work out if I need to remove that or just pull out the whole assembly in order to get at the bulb.


  2. larsmate

    larsmate Member

    I've just replaced mine. You have to remove the battery and the wires powering the bulb. The wire clip needs to be pushed in (towards the bulb) and at the same time pushed down. It's easy.

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