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Removing flat spots from wheels?

ian52 Mar 29, 2010

  1. ian52

    ian52 2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow

    Anybody know any good ways to do this? i just bought a set of rs6 replicas second hand and they have a few flat spots on the inside edge from potholes etc so that when you spin the wheel you can see the tyre move up and down at the inner edge. I have got the worst of it out so its not bad at all now by using a plastic faced mallet and a big hammer. Has anybody else tried any other methods that worked? If i spent some more time on it i could probably get it better yet.
  2. legin

    legin Member

    Yes had same on my AMG alloy. Basically I made a jig from an old c180 front hub some box section steel a screw jack , dti, propane torch and IR heat gun. Machine the huib so the wheel could be checked for run out with a bottle jack in the back. Basically tighten the jack which pushes the wheel oval put the dti at 90 deg to the flat, heat the flat to 150c and watch the dti unwind , once you see the amount required take heat away and unwind the jack. I got my wheel to within 0.2mm runout in the end. Making the jig was the hard bit, machining and welding required.
  3. martyn brooks

    martyn brooks New Member

    try a joiner/or get a solid piece of wood and lay good wheel on top .mark around radious and jig saw out to make a jig .then carry on with plastic or hide mallet

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