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Removing Electric Mirror Switch?

brettfk Nov 6, 2010

  1. brettfk

    brettfk New Member

    Hi all,
    Well it's been a year since I last posted on this forum about an alarm installation. I regret to inform that less than 2 months after I got it installed, i had to say good bye to my lovely A4 2.6SE. Sadly, I rear-ended someone and the insurance didnt cover the amount of damage :crying:
    I spent about 6 months driving an '05 Mazda 3 which was not a bad car, but nothing compared to my new old beast.
    I'm now driving a nice (but not as nice as my old car) '98 Audi A4 2.4, which I'm having a few dramas with (like stone guards falling off), but thats a whole other matter.

    Anyway, one of the problems I have been aware of since the purchase was that the drivers side electric mirror wont do anything when I try to move it using the controls on the door, but the passenger side one works.

    I suspect it will be the switch that selects the mirror more than anything else, and want to take it out to test it. My question is, can I take out the switch without removing the door panel? I'm really hoping so at this stage :wacko:.

    I'd also be interested in hearing opinions or anyone who has had this problem before to see what the general consensus is.

    Thanks guys - Good to be back.

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