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Removing Cam Belt cover..........

s3tle Sep 10, 2010

  1. s3tle

    s3tle Member

    I'm replacing the valve cover and cam chain gaskets, i've got the valve cover off and cleaned it up but i can't actually get the cam belt cover off!!

    I'm sure on previous 1.8t i've just unclipped then rotated it back and lifted off, it's a BAM any tips for best way to remove it?
  2. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    Yeah, patience, and lots of it. It's the lower back corner which causes the issues when removing, and refitting for that matter. It gets caught on various stuff. You need to pull that bit out of the way basically and then it should come up.

    Once off, I usually cut a part of it away (which is naughty really) to make refitting much easier.

    You'll just have to jiggle it about mate I'm afraid.
  3. s3tle

    s3tle Member

    cheers mate , just been had another go and managed to 'persuade' it to come off.

    Think i'll cut a bit off too, worried about how much it scuff the side of the timing belt when pulling it past


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