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Remote start?

chrisa4quat Oct 31, 2011

  1. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    Has anyone done this? Was it hard? What's required etc? Is it worth doing? Same really with turbo timer at end of drive?
  2. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    I believe the 2.0TFSI engines have an electric oil pump that continues to work after the car is switched off, so a turbo timer is not neccessary. Also unless you rag the nuts of it all the time and can't be bothered to simply drive conservative for the last mile home or let it idle for a minute before switching off after a joyride then its a waste of money. It's a cool gadget to have to show off, but worthless unless you really rag the tits of it all the time before switching off. NB: Correct me if i'm wrong on the electric oil pump!

    Also Remote start is stupid. Thats for pub-talk only. Why would you want to start your car and let it idle 'warm up' before driving off? You'll only increase wear on the engine. Read your manual. Drive very shortly after starting. Do not attempt to warm up the engine by idling. It can cause big problems. Just start it up, drive slowly for 5 minutes after the temp gauge says 90 degrees celcius so you know the engine oil is warm and not just the bloody coolant, and then stamp on the loud pedal.
  3. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    That's a fair point. I guess it was just the gadget factor I was after to be fair
  4. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    as above but easy to fit
    but you will need a chip from a spare ket so it will work
    then theres the problem it could easy get nicked

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