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Remote Key Code Cloners

A6_Owner Mar 24, 2011

  1. A6_Owner

    A6_Owner New Member


    I have an 07 Audi A6. Last summer I had 2 breakings in my Car. There was no damage to the car on both occassions. On the first time, the theives just rifled through my car but did not steal anything. On that time, I thought I may have been careless and not locked the car. I did not report to Police. However, on the second time, they stole all my loose change, and nicked my SatNav and other bits from the boot. On this occassion it was locked by my wife, and she is very concience and double checks the door to ensure its locked. I reported the incident to the Police.

    They informed me that they have had reports of this kind of activity, and informed me that they may use a tool to grab the key codes, then replay it later. In order to use it they have to be nearby to grab it.

    Has anyone had this kind of problem on their car. Is it common?
  2. stimpy

    stimpy Member

    This would be a very isolated incident as all Audi's use rolling key codes, this is a system that make it very difficult for code to be scanned as it rotates different codes between the key and cars ecu. without the codes matching the car would not be unlocked or started. What this system does not protect against is a copy of a key blade, these can be cut just about anywhere but will not start the car as there is no code programmed in.
    If the car has been opened twice without being stolen, my guess would be someone has managed to get a key cut, this will open the door but will not start the car.

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