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Remote central locking upgrade?

mareksio Apr 23, 2004

  1. mareksio

    mareksio New Member

    Has anyone tried fitting remote locking from a scrapped audi into their A3? I've seen the vagparts kit, but was wondering if if might be cheaper, and just as simple, to get genuine parts and fit them?
  2. koonl

    koonl Member

    Part number 8D0 862 257 E

    This is a central locking pump from a 2000 A3. I've fitted this to replace my one (98R) which got flooded by a split rear-washer pipe. The old one had the "G" suffix at the end of the part number. It has the remote module incorporated in it so will work with an Audi remote fob. They are quite easy to fit in, but quite pricey from Audi, £82 for up to '98, so should be more for 98 onwards as it has the remote module. This is just the pump, nothing else. I've got the Votex kit from VAGParts which is currently advertised on eBay. These will come with remote units.
    Hope this helps

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