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Remote Central Locking (or the lack of it Hell!!! :( PLEASE help!!!!!!!

crazychris Oct 26, 2010

  1. crazychris

    crazychris Member

    hi i've had my car around a week and since i got it the remote central locking wont work it locks with the keys but wont work on the remote, ive replaced the batteries and also tried to re-programme the key using the user manual so eventually ive bought vag com however i havent got the first clue on how to reprogramme the key using it, also what is option 51 and also can i get my dispay to show oil temp using vag com

    hope to get this sorted soon many thanks

  2. AWDMk1

    AWDMk1 Member

    That happened to mine just after I bought it, disconnected the battery for a few minutes, connected it all back up and hurrah.... fixed! It's been fine ever since.

    hope the same works for you.
  3. crazychris

    crazychris Member

    Nah unfortunately not disconnected the battery the other day to take the steering wheel off and it still don't work lol I'm truly stuck anyone know how to do it thru vcds? Thanks for the input though mate I think ur the only one of about three people that's ever replied to my posts lol
  4. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    I'd love to help mate, but not really up on that side of the cars TBH.

    Wonder if it might be worth giving Audi a ring and see what they say?

    Oil temp is only available on AMK and BAM engines through VAG COM. Not sure what block though, as my engine is APY, therefore never used it.

    Option 51 is on the climate control panel. It shows the water temperature as read by the coolant temperature sensor. More info on this here: 72 Climate control tricks in very bad english (from alt.autos.audi) - AudiWorld Forums

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