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Remote central locking not working?

PiloTT Nov 3, 2009

  1. PiloTT

    PiloTT Member

    This is staring to drive me nuts!.....I have been trying to use VCDS to diagnose the central locking fault with only limited success and wondered if there is anything I can try.

    Both key fob remotes have stopped working, so the following has been done without any success.

    Key fob batteries replaced. Battery voltage checked
    additional keyfob purchased
    Central locking module replaced.
    Manual re sync of the keys. Hazrd lights dont flash
    Manual central locking (and alarm arming)with key in lock works OK

    VCDS shows no errors, but..... measuing block 6 should show when any button is pressed on any key and at the moment it is not showing this. It also shows correctly that 2 key remotes are already coded to the car. Also tried using adaptation CH 21 to add the additional new key but again the key is not "seen".

    So now I am left scratching my head because the locking module has been changed, so what else is there to change? Only thing left is the Central locking antenna but where is it, cant find any info on its location in ELSA or anywhere else?????

    Any thoughts?
  2. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Central locking antenna is in the rear screen. Have you checked to make sure remote alarm control is enabled, I think it's in the central convenience module, failing that try the central electonics module.

    You might want to try deleting the 2 paired keys and re-pair them. Have you read this page?

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