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Remaps - done to death I know but, MOTECH?....

dsl55 Sep 16, 2008

  1. dsl55

    dsl55 exploring other avenues

    Any of you guys run a map from Motech?

    www.motechperformance.com ?

    Looking at the site I would get 175bhp (from 140) and 295 torques (up from 220 and more than the 250 the 170bhp comes with as standard) and having spoken to them reckon they look to be a good bet, very knowledgable, anyone got any experience of them?
  2. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    Looking on the net gonig to contact them myself...

    p.s 'NEEDS MORE POWER, remap by the weekend or it mysteriously gets stolen'
    Need car stolen let me know haha :thumbsup:
  3. dsl55

    dsl55 exploring other avenues

    Cheers dude, will bear you in mind if i need your services!!

    Mike from Motech has just finished mapping the car, AWESOME. Totally transforms the amount of power and torque and the way it is delivered. Usable rev range is now double what it was and the smoothness of the power delivery is unbelievable. Best map I've had on any car

    Get in touch with him, 0845 2302008 or 07842 122467 or info@motechperformance.co.uk (he left me a leaflet!!)

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