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owdgit May 28, 2008

  1. owdgit

    owdgit Member

    I am finally taking the plunge and going for a Remap on Saturday, I am going to use Pendle Performance as they are fairly local and seem to have good comments about them on here and seem to know their stuff as they are also going to map the gearbox to suit the ecu remap.
    I am mainly having the remap for fuel economy reasons, the price of diesel is a very very large drain on wages.
    I will keep you informed of the results, I currently get around 35mpg out of my 142k mile A6 2.5V6 Auto on a regular 40 mile round trip.
    The increase in performance isnt what I am after but wont go amiss.
    Only other mods are 18" wheels and a blocked off EGR valve, the car is regularly serviced, doesn’t smoke excessively now the EGR is blocked and doesn’t have any errors recorded.
  2. martyn brooks

    martyn brooks New Member

    thinking of going there myself are they any good and how much did it cost// didnt know you have to have gearbox mapped as well????

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