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Remapping with KWP2000

Davidkent Oct 16, 2008

  1. Davidkent

    Davidkent Member

    As above.

    I've got the KWP Software, And a KWP2000 Plus Device.
    Every time i connect to the car it says 'ECU not found'.

    Is my ECU an ME7.5 to start with?
    Its a 2000 'W' 1.8T Sport.

    Any recommendations as to what i should do?
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    sorry to be flippant but:
    dont use a cheap clone flash tool worth <£100 to modify several £k worth of car
    dont use an unknown remap source such as the dvd you were talking about
    get a proper remap for a few hundred pounds with some backup

    as far as i can see, the me7.5 ecu needs a direct lead (not obdII) to be flashed with this tool

    if you are really set on doing your own flash, there are plenty of other tools such as the galletto 1250 or higher clones which as supposedly quite reliable via obd but dont be surprised if it crashes/fails 1/2 way through a flash and your ecu is unusable.
  3. The Derv Doctor

    The Derv Doctor New Member

    I have several calls and ECU's in the post most weeks with non running cars due to people using cloned tools and Ebay tuned files!!!

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