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Remapping question

dex140 May 25, 2012

  1. dex140

    dex140 Member

    Just been looking on the internet and have been reading that astra vxrs when remapped can have two maps that are interchangable via the sports button.............is ther anything like this available for the VAG platform, would be cool on the DSG box that when you slip it into sports mode it loads a new ecu map for better performance?

  2. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    i don't know if this helps but when i had my custom code remap done... D was mapped but S was poor... there was no need to use sports mode as drive mode was amazing! so whenever i wanted a less sporty style i actually used sports mode... kinda weird when youd think sports mode would be ruthless with the map. having said that i did have a valet mode programmed by them so each time i gave it in for detailing... i would hook up my laptop to disable the map.

    i wonder if it would be easier to do with something like bluefin?
  3. leach76

    leach76 Member

    Revo,Giac and many more have a hand held flash loader available where you can run various maps and various settings on them from stock up to a balls out map,but i dont think anything is available where it does it automatic from gear selection even though you can have your dsg software mapped also to change the gear changes and rev limiters etc

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