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Remapping (2.0TFSI) GCL Tuning ?

Suffolk TDI Mar 23, 2010

  1. Suffolk TDI

    Suffolk TDI New Member

    Looking at Remapping (2.0 TFSI)

    Hi im looking for some help hence joining the forum, Im based in cambridge and looking at remapping there is one company localy that to my knowlage has a dyno and a good local name there custom remaps and work with local dealers and motorsport companys... Any advise ? there web site is www.gcltuning.co.uk what should i look out for (not in a dodgy way) but just in general some of my work mates have had things like bmw 330d's and even a r8 remapped there. Im Just not very good when it comes to things like this !

    Any help would be great thanks Tom

    PS posted in other threads with no responce !

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