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Remapped 1.8T MPG?

s-line stu Apr 7, 2008

  1. s-line stu

    s-line stu Member

    Hello all,

    Had the car Custom Coded on Sat and whilst it now drives smoothly and has decent performance the fuel consumption seems to have taken a dive.

    On the run back which was a mix of motorway and A roads I averaged 24mpg and while I did give it the odd squirt I was mainly cruising at 60 in traffic. The journey up before the map which was basically the same I averaged 38mpg driving at similar speeds.

    On the run to work today into Birmingham I had 19mpg in slow traffic where before I normally averaged between 25 - 27mpg.

    I expected it to be worse if I drive it hard but for pottering around I'm a bit disappointed it's this low. To be fair I haven't spoken to the place I had it done yet so they may be able to make adjustments as a compromise.

    I just wondered what everyone else gets out of theirs?

  2. adcooper

    adcooper Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line

    Your new figures sound more like correct figures to me, as these are what i get out of my none remaped 1.8T
  3. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Yep, mine is map'd and Im averaging 23mpg. Before it was map'd it was around the 26-27 mark. Dont forget your DIS aint spot on, in fact it can be quite misleading.
    How I did it was by miles to the tank.

    Before Map'd it was 80-90 miles to £20
    Now im getting around 70-80miles to the £20..

    Depends on the right foot really!
  4. bubstar

    bubstar Member

    But surely you can't compare cost vs mileage? When was the map done?

    My car is no worse and TBH better since the re-map. I've owned the car longer with the re-map than not now though.

    I don't do much town driving but will always return 32+ on a run, often seeing 34-35 sitting at 75-80mph. I know DIS isn't spot on but still pretty damn good for a 235bhp 4x4 estate car IMO. Better than my mate can get out of his Astra H 2.0T SRi anyway :lol:

    If you guys aren't getting 35+ on the DIS out of your FWD 1.8t's then you need to adjust your driving style.

    Just my 2p. :thumbsup:
  5. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Bub's, mine is a Quattro!

    I was rushing to get to the gym when I answered earlier so Ill start again..

    When I got my Audi I was getting around the 80-90, sometimes touching 100 miles to the £20, I know this because Ive had few scoobys,bm's and they were ***** on Fuel so I was interested to know what my baby engine was going to deliver MPG... So after my map I monitored and the MPG and it delivered 70-80miles to the £20 (not forgetting the first few weeks of the map you tend to use your right foot a little harder - I did anyway)
    Thats around town driving.

    On the motorway on a steady, its showing me average 32+mpg at 75 - 85mph, I tested this lastweek on the way to Newcastle.

    My map was done when Vpower was 99.9p though so obviously because we're getting STung, mileage is coming down to the £20 (Now filling £30 for a free ferrari)

    ...oh and my map was done 3months after I bought her so if I remember rightly I filled the tank full at 102.9p per litre.
    Like I say though, some of us like to give it Lead foot now and again therefore resulting into poor MPG.

    A little round up : 80 - 90miles to the £20 @99.9p standard, 70-80miles to the £20 @102.9p Map'd.

    Regardless of my driving style, even when Ive been driving normal, im still not getting more than it was when standard. (regardless of the higher price in Vpower - I done the math before you ask)

  6. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    I got far better MPG from my Octy when it was mapped !
  7. rick_s

    rick_s New Member

    I've been considering having mine remapped for a couple months, and a few people who I have spoken to said that the mileage was suppose to INCREASE.. not decrease! Don't think I'll bother if your only getting 25mpg. I'm already in two minds as to whether or not to trade her in for a diesel..! :ermm:
  8. bubstar

    bubstar Member

    Oh, I knew that!!


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