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Remapped 0-60 speeds?

mjepson Jan 13, 2007

  1. mjepson

    mjepson Member

    I tested my bluefinned 2.0TDI today, and managed to get about 7.5 seconds on 0-60mph (0-100km/h in Norway).

    Standard on this car is 9.5 seconds, so that is a big improvement. :rock:

    Anybody know if superchips or anybody else has done some "proper" tests?
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    If you check the Superchips website, they may still have the advertorial PDF in which Diesel Car magazine figured a remapped A3 2.0TDI Sport. I recall that they didn't actually publish the 0-60mph time, but had figures for all the in-gear times which were totally slashed from standard - as you'd expect.

    My guess - from the times they did publish, and other VAG remaps - is that the remap would drop the 0-60mph to something like 7.0 seconds. There's also an article on the old 1.9TDI 150bhp which was remapped to 195bhp and 300lb/ft, and this car (a Golf) did 60mph in 6.8 seconds.

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