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Remap, then Stage 2 - back to standard ?

RGS3 Oct 17, 2010

  1. RGS3

    RGS3 Member

    Hi all,

    so how many have gone to stage 2 then put back to standard for part ex ? On my last 3 S3's i've had them remapped to stage 1 - revo first , bluefin on the last two.

    Would love to feel how much the Stage 2 would feel, thinking of doing the exhaust mods and keeping the original exhaust at home. I tend to change my car every 2 or 3 years so would want to set it back to standard before part ex. I'm having the clutch done soon so I know it would still feel different, if I part exed the car I'd get the original exhaust put back on.

    Has anyone been in the same situation ?

  2. sturs4

    sturs4 Member

    I had the same kind of situation with my mk5 R32.It was lowered with weitec coilovers on 19'' VMR V718,huge exhaust and remapped.I kept all the standard parts which i put back on to sell the car.Glad i did.I sold all the parts on the forum fairly quickly and got my money back pretty much.

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