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Remap problems & advise on anti rollbars

S£ Mar 20, 2008

  1. S£

    S£ Member

    I've been to AMD today to have my S3 checked over as it's not really had a good check since i bought it, but this has thrown up some problems! I'll start with the remap, when i bought the car i was told it had been remapped since new, which i presume would be running about 260bhp as mine is a 210 AMK....But no it's only running 227bhp?? and about 260 torque at the most (too much for standard and too little for being maped ), so they road tested it and fitted the 007p as it had a atmospheric one on then vag-com it which was all good still down on power though, the MAF was checked which was all fine boost pressure was good no leaks and all seemed good. So has anyone else had any similar problems?? I did think that being told that it was remapped from new could Audi just have mapped it to a BAM engine of 225 do they do this?? or is there a more underlying fault that could cause the loss of 35bhp?? AMD said they could remap it but i don't want that if there is still a problem and don't get any power increase, they also said judging by the roalling road graphs the map on there is not particularly good seems a bit flat at the top end and the torque doesn't rise steeply more in a couple of steps then a rising curve. So any help or info would be good!!

    They also told me that I will soon be needing a rear anti roll bar, wishbone bushes and rear Axel bushes, so can anyone give me the lowdown on good anti roll bar and a all round bushes upgrade?? They said they can do powerflex bushes and anti roll bars front & rear for i think it was £710 fitted

    Everybody's advise and help will be appreciated!!!!
  2. S£

    S£ Member

    Common Someone must have some ideas and advise!!!!
  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    from what you have said and not knowing who remapped it, It may be worth getting a remap done that you know and trust.

    Arb`s have been covered loads , I have R32 with standard bushes and am very happy with them. H&R are popular. Have a read of essthree`s sticky at the top of this forum for a good lowdown.

    The rear Arb is a easy fit, the front is harder but depends on your experiance.

    hope that points you in a helpful direction ..

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