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Remap options ??

tanjawi Mar 31, 2013

  1. tanjawi

    tanjawi Member

    Got an Audi a3 2.0 Tfsi SportBack
    my Q is
    1- if I remap just for the fuel benefit
    Could that effect the performance ??
    2- would like what the negative and positive about the whole remap
    for fuel and performance

    Many many thx in advance
  2. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    Uses less gas if you drive it normally after the remap, uses more if you take advantage of the extra power (which you will!).
    No negatives with stage 1 at all. Positives are basically what is in every tuners sales pitch.
  3. tanjawi

    tanjawi Member

    What if I want just the fuel benifts
    will the remap improve that
    200 bhp I think it enough for me as I have 2 kids
    will like to improve the fuel benift but just worry if this will effect the performance of the car
  4. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    With my APR map, yes I've noticed slightly better mpg when driving normally. However not a good reason to get a remap really. May as well put the cash aside for fuel as it would take years and years to 'break even' just on that alone I imagine.
  5. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    1. Performance will be increased. The fuel savings come from torque/power arriving earlier which encourages you to up shift earlier. Getting into a higher gear as soon as you can without having to floor the car = fuel saving.

    2. Depends on your current mileage. Often a remap is not recommended for an engine with 60k+ miles. This "worry" is because you may not know what kind of life the car has had before you brought it. IF it was mistreated, missed services or had late/incomplete services then problems can arise. However, if you stay on top of servicing you should be okay and you may find yourself servicing more regularly too.

    Side note: I had various maps and I mapped at 56k miles. I had major oil burn problems. However, without the map and using 5w40 ester oil my oil burn is minimal. Keep that in mind as you could find yourself topping off the oil more than usual - an apparent Audi design flaw.

    Otherwise, I recommend: JBS, APR and Shark. I think someone has recommended Tune it Up or something before. I currently have an APR map - these come with security features as you can put the car into valet mode.
  6. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    I've got a custom stage 1 from nick Lawrence at tuneitup the beauty of this is nick can create a gentle remap or a more aggressive one depending on what you are after. I had a gentle one to start and then I asked to go a little harder.. He doesn't charge until you are totally satisfied.. Although the valet mode would be handy I'd go for a custom map over and out of the box map all day long especially if you want more control over the power you want from it. He knows the vag cars very well and will make sure that before he maps all the niggles associated with the tfsi engine have been done... Diverter cam follower, recalls etc
  7. Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown Member

    Do not tune a petrol turbo if you want economy. Bad move.

    This isn't like Turbo Diesel engine - and if somebody (any company) would like to demonstrate an 'eco' file for a car I would love to see..

    You have 'direct injection' on this engine. It is one of the cleverest engines I have come across - 100% electronically controled, the BMW E92 335i is similar, but I haven't seen anything put out power like the S3 261hp/265hp and return such good MPG.

    My advice would be tyre choice firstly. An 'easier' rotating tyre will require less 'gas' pedal to increase speed. Michelin Pilot Sport 3s are beautiful (not as good as PS2 in my opinion) but they're not highly rated for economy - designed predominantly for grip, and with good reason! Next you can look at driving style.. Do not accellerate hard in 1st/2nd gear - this will cause highest fuel consumption - learn to drive like an old man. But try not to irritate people behind you.

    Regular servicing - I would advise main dealer maintenance, remapped or not. Everybody has the Coil Pack recall. There has been a recent Fuel Pressure Sender recall on some later TFSI engines.

    You will enjoy your car if it is tuned or not. A tuned engine is more fun - only if you're having the odd Sunday blast on your own (without the children obviously)

  8. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    As above, I do not suggest getting a remap for economy purposes on a petrol car, the gains are very slight. Diesels gain power due to sub optimum injection timing from the factory (forced by emission constraints) when remapped, but a LOT od tuners do not tune injection timing, and rely on the increased low down torque for economy gains.

    We offer multi maps including security features on these engines without any additional hardware :)

  9. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    Another vote for Nick at TuneItUp.

    This guy is an uber geek on the VW Group range, and knows the ECU's inside out, he will change the parameters of the ECU maps to your requirements until you're happy.

    its a bit different from most of the mainstream tuners who start from a generic Stage 1 product. Which are not bad products in any shape or form. Just different.

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