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Remap issues!

NoggyDS3 Mar 10, 2008

  1. NoggyDS3

    NoggyDS3 Member

    Got the car remapped and fitted the forge 007p dv last week and having a few problems. Every few days the car appears to 'lose' the remap. If i pull over, turn off the ignition and start back up again - its fine and goes like the clappers!

    The forge was faulty as the piston wasn't opening but i put the standard one back on yesterday and all was well. But it happened again on the way to work this morn - turned of and on again it it was fine!

    I'll get in on VAGCOM this week to see what that throws up but anyone experienced similar probs to point me in the right direction? Help!!!!

    Also there appears to be a very faint knocking when the car is idling - not sure if thats me being parnaoid but i thought i'd give you as much info as poss! Its standard other than stated.

  2. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    i had a similar problem which turned out to be coil packs, replaced them & problem solved. I am currently having an issue with pipe collaspe in the engine bay (not tip) which casuing major power loss & hesitation.
  3. NoggyDS3

    NoggyDS3 Member

    Thanks - coilpacks should show up on vagcom so hopefully its that as its a common prob and straighforward!

    Someone also mentioned that it could be a split vaccum hose (not sure what this?!) or a split boost pipe? Any advice more than welcome!

    Forgot to add that no engine management lights come on and it still seems to run smoothly although without the same boost!

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