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Remap for 2007 S3

hallster Aug 6, 2007

  1. hallster

    hallster Member

    Noob alert!!!

    I'm looking at tuning options for my 2007 S3. I think the car is brilliant at the moment, but you guys know what it's like. My mate got his done at Star Performance (using GIAC software) in Fife and no doubt he'll reply to this post. I'm quite interested in the MTM package carried out by QS Tuning in Sussex. This consists of a new ECU and a full Milltek system taking the S3 to 330 bhp and 420 Nm :jump:. It doesn't come cheap so I'm wondering if the MTM remap will differ significantly from the one done by GIAC and does the Milltek exhaust system make a bit of difference. Any experience you guys have of any of these parts or customer service would be really appreciated. This would be my first tuning upgrade so would like to get it right. :respekt:

    P.S. Would I get any better results from another combination (ECU/exhaust) and am I missing a trick with the remap options :think:?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. dappadan786

    dappadan786 Member

    hi mate, try www.dnatuning.com! give him a ring

    he did my Audi A4 1.8T, my mates S4 & Porsche. he's also going to be doing a custom remap for my K04 upgrade.

    his prices are good too, wont leave you with empty pockets.

    on exhaust just dont go with Poweerflow its terrible! the fitting, the service and quality of exhaust! go with milltek or Supersprint! people seem to be going for the latter alot more now.

    hope that helsp you out mate.
  3. fraud

    fraud jamo s3

    just had mine custom coded it,s spot on now to drive 316 bhp 305 ftlbs. only mod on it is a cotton filter.
  4. s3shane

    s3shane New Member

    hi mate last sat i took my s3 to VAG-tech based at milton keynes. the stage 1 map is just a simple reflash of the standard ecu, that took around 30-45 mins inc road tests to my preferences and cost 499+vat. this took my car up to around 310/310 so im told because no rolling road confirmation yet, estimate going on VAG-techs previous results and experience. they claim a minimum of 300bhp but i was shown graphs that usually get between 305- 316bhp. it does feel 300bhp to be fair. i think i need and uprated forge vacuum operated valve to hold the increased boost because the standard item struggles, and also going to get a better air intake in the next week or two. i think i'll give the miltek a miss, i dont want my car loud, i had enough of that with my previous car, but it will make you your 330 bhp. i might just get the downpipe and sports cat but we'll see, its bloody pricey! there are loads of revo mappers all over the country and ive only heard good things and i would recommend. hope this helps you a bit mate.:icon_thumright:
  5. 57-S3

    57-S3 New Member

    damien at dpm in newcastle upon tyne did mine the other week. car feels so much better with power all through the range, amazing. it's was about £500 for a full custom map and well worth it, they came highly reccomended to me and i'd now also highly reccomend them!

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