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remap and leak from rear coolant flandge

justintime1026 Nov 17, 2008

  1. justintime1026

    justintime1026 New Member

    I'm a new to this forum as well as a new driver. I'm driving the B61.8T quattro, planning for a remap. Went to AMD essex for a few times to do my clutch change and oil s:redrs4:ervice and stuffs.

    But i am not sure whether AMD essex or Custom Code do a better remap on my car? Can anyone here tell me the difference, as 3rd gear accleration is not pulling well enough, and i require a contant increase in power.

    Secondly, just did my MOT, although i've pasted it, but report shows Time-belt and there is a leak at the rear coolant flandge, are they immediate problems need to be solved?

    Cheers guys.
  2. justintime1026

    justintime1026 New Member

    just donwer whether anyone can give some help ?
  3. shagga

    shagga Member

    Go to MRC for your remap.
  4. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    timing belt required and a coolant leak? You would be well advised to fix those right away mate, they could kill the engine without even remapping it, which will make the situation even worse.

    If you dont fix them and the timing belt goes then your shiny engine will be a pile of bits and cost around £3000 to replace with a recon unit, untested second hand engines are around £1800 and thats if you can find one.

    These motors are good but the timing belt is not something to ignore as many others have found to their cost. Overheating from coolant leaks could kill it as well if its not checked constantly or gets worse.
  5. justintime1026

    justintime1026 New Member

    cheers mate for that. but is it ok going to any random garage or a better one is more suitable for me?
  6. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Evil's covered it!
    The coolant flange went on mine a while back, I was filling it with water every other week and eventually got worse then it went in for service and they found it was the Flange.

    I wouldnt let anyone work on my motor, if you want cheaper labour price then find a specialist, usually cut labour down by around 60%.

    As for the map, there are loads of companies doing them now and prices vary from £200 to around £550.
    IMO a guy who comes to your house and remaps it is just as good as these bigger companies. Just make sure they have a good reputation, if you dont know their background then give it a miss.

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