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remap advice

syk919 Nov 19, 2012

  1. syk919

    syk919 Member VCDS Map User

    ive had my 2.0 tdi for a good four months and touch wood ive had no serious repairs besides shocks that went. my car actually looked like it had been lowered thats how bad it was it was only until i got a full car check did it get pointed out lo anyway back to the point. so my cars an 04 just done 100000 miles. is it a good idea to remap i only ask this because my mates got an audi a4 55 and he had a remap and his had problems ever since(turbo just keeps going limp mode etc) granted his a ****e driver but do you reckon its a good idea for me to get a remap??
  2. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    You need to make sure the engine is healthy, if it hasnt had a new turbo at 100k then id say thats your weak point, as far as a remap is concerned anyway.
  3. syk919

    syk919 Member VCDS Map User

    the engine seems ok.its had the cambelt done. i know its got the dodgy cylinder head. turbo hasnt been done yet. would all this be checked anyway if i was to get a remap?
  4. Graham89

    Graham89 Derv Perv

    They won't necessarily check anything. The porous cylinder head wouldn't become worse off due to a remap. The turbo will be your likely breakdown. If it doesn't overboost and it drives as it should I'd say go for it. Mines lasted 34k on a remap now without any issues. Car has done 132k Ish

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