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Remap advice

ayfreetee Apr 26, 2012

  1. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    I would appriciate some advice on remapping, is revo the best way to go for a stage one map on an A3 1.8T, AUM, or is there somewhere else just as good but cheaper?
  2. Pops848

    Pops848 Active Member

    I've got a 1.8T AUM with a REVO stage 1 - Got 200 BHP from it, I love it :icon_thumright:
  3. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    Shop around, they're all pretty much the same (to a degree), i personally don't like revo.
  4. Benjiman46

    Benjiman46 R-Tech Terrorist

    R Tech are apparently one of the best, along with Badger 5. But with remaps not only do you need to look at what maps the tuning company sells, but what you get with it. Some places on one hand give a free before and after dyno... Whereas a place I know in Doncaster that does revo maps gives you naff all... Just slaps it on and lets you drive away.

    The best map you can get would include a free engine health check, a question and answer session about what you want from the map, any additional requirements (such as CEL delete etc), before and after dyno and possibly even a couple more dyno runs after the mapper plays with the parameters to get the very most from your car.

    Shop around mate! Take your time and don't rush into the first (and definitely not the cheapest) one you see. A mate of mine has a 225 1.8 turbo TT, which he had mapped at APR tuning or some place near Worksop. He payed £240 for the bloke to come out in a van, remap the car, and leave without even opening the bonnet. First time my mate took it out he was horrified to find it was slower than before the map, and that as soon as it reached 5000 RPM the car just died like he'd hit a rev limiter. So he rang the bloke who remapped the car and he basically said it's your engine at fault, try changing the MAF, he did, still the same, he then said it's the TIP collapsing, he changed it for a forge silicone one, still the same, then he refused to comment further and denied ever mapping the car.

    In the end he went to a Revo franchisee and had a before and after dyno. With the **** remap on the before run, it made a maximum of 179bhp... A whole 46bhp worse off over standard!!!

    With a revo map professionally installed for £480 with full data logging session and everything, it made 264bhp.

    Just goes to show, you get what you pay for usually!

    Hope this helps :D

  5. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice chaps, food for thought I think.
  6. mcpickering

    mcpickering Member

    i agree with R-Tech, i had my AUM MK4 GTI mapped my them, with a miltek turbo back (with sports cat) and a TIP i got 227 bhp, nice smooth map and they checked everything over before it went on the RR (the rolling road before and after's were including in the price) no frills office meaning they provide the best service at the best cost.....

    just my 2p.
  7. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    I already have FMIC, cold air intake and exhaust fitted, but I'm not looking for much more than 200bhp tbh.
  8. AVLO

    AVLO Active Member

    Agree with you get what you pay for i have a jappasport map on my aum and with a few upgrades that i have it made 245hp but with a really good curve so its not too aggressive but most good tuners will map to how you would like it if you go with a custom map.
  9. Customboy

    Customboy Member

    Well being a customer of rtech I can only advise u with my experience, Ben and nick are fantastic they checked my car over and ran the vagcom to make sure I didn't have any issues, Ben did my stage one and the customer service was fantastic and so helpful soon after stage two came and nick was just as great now soon to go back for my ko4 conversion lol ! But yeah shop around and only use well reviewed and recommended people such as rtech and badger5 but be aware if it's too cheap from other people be careful good luck and keep up updated !
  10. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    I could shout from the hilltops about the company in my sig raving about how good they but its down to each individual,R-Tech are a good call.
    I would strongly recommend though not to use any cut price maps by some wannabe tuner with a laptop
  11. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Nick @ R-tech isn't too far and will sort you out :)
  12. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your good advice chaps.

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