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Remap A4 2.0T S-Line SE (220bhp)?

Andy H May 8, 2010

  1. Andy H

    Andy H Member

    I am thinking about a remap for my A4 2.0T S-Line Special Edition which has the 220bhp rather than the 200bhp engine. I have looked over a few of the remap companies web sites and most of them only list the standard 2.0T 200bhp and sometimes include the DTM variant which had 216bhp.

    Are the DTM and the S-Line SE the same engine?

    Are the gains from the 2.0T and SE the same? i.e. if a remap company states 255bhp from the standard 200bhp engine then that will be the same gain from the SE engine? So less of an increase? Or what gains can I expect from the SE version?

    The bit that concerns me is how the car will handle the extra power through the front wheels with low gear acceleration. This A4 seems to suffer from more torque steer than my old Cupra R and FR Leons, they had none at all and were rock solid under acceleration. The A4 gets very nervous at the front if I accelerate hard and gets taken off line very easily if I catch a white line or anything else on the road. This behaviour will probably be exaggerated with more power I expect?

    Any recommendations of code remaps for this model? Revo looks popular but I have heard aggressive in the deliver so will make the above situation a lot worse. Plus this is one of the most expensive options but I do have a dealer just down the road.

    AMD I believe is a smother power delivery so could suit the car better?

    CC I don't know much about but read a few good reports on here.

    Celtic Tuning seem very cheap but I can't find much info to back up the product.

    Any thoughts/recommendations?
  2. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    AFAIK the 220ps / 217bhp version just has more aggressive software mapping by Audi and the hardware is same as the 197 bhp version.

    Therefore your max potential from remapping will be the same. I used celtic tuning before- there ok for stage 1 ONLY and for the price.
    If you want more then a cheap stage 1 remap they are ****. I would just avoid them alll together.
    Just had a hardware specific GIAC on mine and its miles better. After i fitted my intake I lost a lot of torque on the celtic map, below 3.5 K, despite their guy saying their software was fine for these mods.

    Since going GIAC there is a big toque gain from 2.5-3.5 k and more power from 5.5-7k whereas before even with intake was pointless going past 6.5 k revs. I also have an uprated DP and Sports cat.
  3. goon

    goon Member

    Dont have apr.

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