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Reload's S3 'As built' thread

Reload Jul 1, 2013

  1. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    Finally the long haul is over and my car is how I want it to be, after three years and several thousand pounds of course. Rather than slowly adding posts as each new part was added I figured it would be better, and simpler, to do this thread after the work was complete, along with a couple of pics. Without wishing to sound too much like an Oscars ceremony I will be thanking certain people who aided me along the way. My intention was always to keep the car looking and sounding as OEM as possible, since it was silver anyway I figured this would be the ideal 'sleeper' car! So, since having Kara (purchased July 2010, approved used Jan 2007 8P2 S2 with 27,000 on the clock)


    Neuspeed P-Flo CAI (2nd Hand purchase)
    Milltek Resonated TBE with sports cat
    Rev D Diverter Valve
    Audi TTS Engine Cover
    Porsche Oil and Water Caps (thanks to ShaunS3 for his group buy)
    Custom remap by Rick @ Unicorn


    Sachs Organic clutch and LOBA SMF
    Forge Short shift and short side shift kit


    EBC Ultimax discs and yellowstuff pads


    KW Anti-Roll Bars front and rear
    KW lowering springs
    Forge 11mm wheel spacers front and rear


    Flat bottomed MFSW
    iPod interface (to replace the **** Audi one)
    Cruise control retrofit
    SDS activation


    MY09 Rear lights
    Full LED interior and exterior


    S3 black brushed aluminium tax disc holder :laugh:

    Most of the fitting has been done by Sports Tech in Ilkeston, Nottingham (on first name tems with them now) with the simpler things done by myself. Finally a large detailing kit order of polishing machine, waxes etc from Juicy Jen (big thanks to her, get some free Haribo with the order and a couple of nice fluffy drying towels too!!) which resulted in a happy 3 days making Kara look like new again!! Used the Dodo Juice Supernatural Paste Wax for the final coat which is awesome stuff!!
    Couple of obligatory rubbish pics:





    Massive thanks to Graeme @ GNJ Motorsport for being so helpful at getting me a vast majority of the new parts both promptly and at the most competitive prices.

    Rick @ Unicorn also worked tirelessly on the day I went up to Stockport to get the perfect map for the car's added parts. What Rick doesn't know about these engines and mapping likely isn't worth knowing and the amount of power and torque the little 2l turbo puts out is epic!! A few days after getting the map I drove to Germany, on the E30 heading East towards Osnabruck the car registered a GPS speed of 162.3 mph, so much for the 155mph limit! The acceleration pretty much all the way up seemed constant, and much better at three figure speeds than I expected.

    So, she's now done, and pretty much all the car I could ever want. The best thing for me is that most people don't look twice at a silver Audi hatchback, apart from those in the know :yes:

    Finally, it has to be said, thanks to the users of the best forum on the internet for all the great advice and tips recieved over the time I've been a member on here. Big ups and remember I hate you all, you've cost me a lot of money but it's really beeen worth it!!
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  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Nice, now time for a facelift lol :p

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