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Reliability Of Audi A6 2006 3.2L

clvnng Apr 16, 2007

  1. clvnng

    clvnng New Member

    im trying to help my dad out here
    we found a audi a6 2006 3.2L for a pretty good deal
    the car looks VERY good. no chips because from arizona. mileage about 19,000km. very very well kept

    it all looks good and drives well..... our only problem is reliability
    how will this car run 4-5 years down the road???

    i've herd from people who had there audi's for a while like 2000's and 2001's. that fixing this thing is a bitch. main problem is leaking gasket. and i've herd possible electronic problems
    but this was a while ago...... wonder if things have changed with audi.

    this car is still under warrenty with 2 years left.

    if there are problems that come up, what could they be????
    thanks guys:)
  2. slabber

    slabber New Member

    Is there a 3.2 L?? There's a 4.2...

    I guess folks will want to know transmision type, saloon or avant, 2wd or quattro (if it's not the 4.2, which only comes as quattro) etc.

    Cheers - Graham
  3. clvnng

    clvnng New Member

    its a saloon awd quattro
    sorry bout that

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