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Region 1 on my PS3

floyd 1.8 turbo Sep 29, 2010

  1. floyd 1.8 turbo

    floyd 1.8 turbo Mirror, Signal, Outmanoeuvre


    Will my PS3 play region 1 dvd's does anyone know?

    Thankyou please
  2. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    No dont think it will mate
  3. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    depends which PS3 mate. i have the very first one (the best) 60gb, all card slots etc etc, supports ps2 etc. and that plays all regions.
    but my missus, has a white jap one and that won't play all regions, only our region, as theres is the same. and i THINK all the uk ps3's after mine, might not be multi region (40/80/120gb no card slots or ps2 support, brushed silver look)
  4. floyd 1.8 turbo

    floyd 1.8 turbo Mirror, Signal, Outmanoeuvre

    Its a slim one, thats all i know!
  5. DaveA3

    DaveA3 Audi A-Trizzle!

    i thought all except jap were region free?
  6. Brooksy

    Brooksy Member

    I believe you are correct. My friend has an American 60gb PS3 that plays all regions. I have played American Region Bluray Discs on mine and mine is the 1st 40gb model. - this includes games also that are either Japan or USA etc. I'm not sure on Japan DVD's and the like.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there a previous update roughly 8months ago that has taken PS2 support away from Originall 60gb etc. Inc. some 40gb models. Unless you don't use your ps3 online to update to latest firmware then obviously you can still. But if you have latest, then I'm afraid all that the 60gb can do extra is the 2 extra usb ports aswell as the card readers.

    Leading on to backwards compatibility, this was done because of the PSN network/store now releasing PS1 & PS2 games on the store for digital download. So youc an't buy second hand hard copies and play them in the machine. If your unhappy about your 60gb not having the ability to play older generations, there's a few news articles about customers going into GAME(if you bought it from there) and asking for legitimate refund of a certain percentage due to SONY saying you can play old games but now you can't.

    OP - If you get stuck, try ripping the dvd onto your PC and either Media stream it to your PS3 or put it on a USB Harddrive and play from there! ;)
  7. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    yeh i could be wrong, seems i am, i just know mine can, and my mrs jap one cant. only one way to find out tho, trial and error
  8. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    I know with regards to games they are region free, but I was under the impression that they were region locked for dvd's apart from the original 60gb.

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