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Redline gear oi

metricspaces Jan 12, 2009

  1. metricspaces

    metricspaces Member

    I've read in a few places that people replace the original gear oil with Redline gear oil to help deal either notchy gear changes or crunching in first and second gear that seems to be quite common when cold.

    People seem to recommend two products, either Redline MTL or Redline MT-90 .

    Has anyone here used Redline with their TT? If so:
    • Did you find that it made any difference?
    • Which product did you use?
    I've read that MTL is a thinner oil and that it will help will the slight crunching that you can get in second gear. Whilst MT-90 is a thicker oil so wouldn't help as much with the crunching.

    But MT-90 has the spec's that Audi recommend for gear oil whereas TML doesn't?

    I'm also a little concerned about whether one of these oils could actually cause more damage to my gearbox. My problems are only minor at the moment, so I don't want to take a big risk by not usign OEM oil. Is using Redline a big risk? I've read elsewhere that Redline is actually a superior oil so can only help???

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