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Red REVO RS4 Spotted at Lytham St Annes

Turbo Lag FTW Jul 26, 2008

  1. Turbo Lag FTW

    Turbo Lag FTW Hate those none insured you know who types

    Just got back from holiday and was wondering if the guy who was driving the Revo RS4 was on here. Because that was one mighty fine car, only seen it doing 10mph in the caravan park but that purr from the V8 was really nice.

    So if your on here, One Mighty Fine RS4 Mate!!!
  2. john_cook

    john_cook I was the STIG.

    i've seen that one in Lytham too(Reg SFS 4 I think). as well as a regular Blue RS4 saloon and a Black RS4 avant

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