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Red Line Oils Special Offer!!

oilman Aug 3, 2009

  1. oilman

    oilman Active Member

    Red Line oils have an awesome reputation for quality, and are (on the quiet) used by many race and rally teams.

    The Red Line gear oils are one of our best selling ranges of products here at Opie Oils, but their ester synthetic engine oils have lurked a little in the shadows, their quirky 1 Gallon tubs (3.76 litres to you and I) not well suited to an oil change... but changes are a-foot!

    So what do we make of the Red Line engine oils? Well, they really are of phenomenal quality; top quality polyol ester base stocks, low volatility, incredibly resistant to shearing down to a lower viscosity, staying in the stated grade even at high temperature.

    Superb - but expensive - has always been our view (£59 for 4.7L), but we've negotiated a special deal on behalf of our club discount members to enable you to try these oils at the best price available anywhere in Europe!

    We've put together a special "Gallon and a quart" pack (4.7 litres) at an unbeatable £44.99 (includes your club discount).

    Red Line synthetic oils are available in the following viscosities:
    5w-30 | 5w-40 | 10w-30 | 10w-40 | 15w-40 diesel | 15w-50 | 20w-50

    We're impressed... and if you give them a try we reckon you will be too!

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