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reconditioned injector? and how easy to replace on a 2.0 tdi?

CHEZ Apr 9, 2012

  1. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    hello people!
    i have had slight issue with my 2.0 tdi 140 (my injectors are not covered in the recall scheme btw)
    shortly after having a full clutch and DMF fitted i noticed a slight vibration at around 2000rpm!
    it is a sort of a pulse sensation, so obviously after the clutch and flywheel has neen done and was ok prior to this i took my car back to the garage that done the work!
    after an investigation it turns out that my clutch and DMF are ok!
    the garage plugged in VCDS and done some diagnostics, and the findings were that the number 4 injector was underperforming and had slightly low readings!
    the lads in the garage told me to change the injector loom first as he said when they replace injectors they always do this so i will be doing this next week when i have sufficient funds and time available!
    so my questions are these really:-
    1, is the loom a PITA to change?
    2, will i need to change the rocker cover gasket after opening it up to change the loom?
    so after doing this and if it is still no good will be looking at replacing the injector!
    3, which injector really is number 4?
    4, are reconditioned units any good or are they just a temp fix?
    5, what are they like to change?
    6, will i need any special tools to change it?

    many thanks in advance!
    chez x :icon_thumright:
  2. deian3387

    deian3387 Member

    The loom isn't a bad job to do, the plugs to the injectors can be a bit of a pain to get off if you haven't done it before. injector no 4 is the closest to the gear box.
    No special tools are needed :)
  3. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    once the cam cover is off.... to change the injector you'll find the big rocker shaft in the way. you need to remove this.
    first you'll need to back off the adjustment on the injector end of each rocker. loosen the 18mm locking nut and undo the 6mm allen key to back it off till the weight is off it.
    then undo each of the 5 10mm splined bolts holding the shaft down. remove the shaft.
    as said no.1 injector is nearest the front. no.4 is the one at the back. unplug the plug. you'll see two 6mm spline bolts either side of the injector. undo these.
    the injector will be stuck down buts its only the grab on the o ring seals stopping it lifting out. you need to turn it slightly, lever it side to side a few times with a screw driver to loosen its grip. it should then come up with a gentle pry.

    drop the new one in and give it a tap down. refit the bolts. be carefull tightening these up they are stretch bolts and should only be tightened to like 15nm or similar.
    plug it in.
    refit the rocker shaft and tighten down.

    now the tricky bit...... re adjusting the rocker arms!
    jack up the o/s/f wheel and put the car in 5/6 gear. turn the o/s/f wheel in a forwards direction to turn the engine over and watch the each rocker arm "come on cam" when no.1 is at the peak of the cam lobe, adjust the 6mm allen key. wind it all the way down till you feel resistance, then back it off 270 degrees (3/4 of a turn). tighten up the 18mm nut.
    turn the wheel/engine again, you won't need to turn it much til no.3 is on cam. do this one in the same way.
    then no.4,
    and then no.2.

    done. stick the rocker cover on. (you shouldnt need to change the gasket as they are rubber reusable things, just give it a wipe down to get excess oil off it.).
  4. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    where did you get your refurbished injector from? and how much was it?
  5. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    wow! there really is a lot more to this than i first reckoned!
    i think that is way past my capabilities! as i am a bit cak handed! lol!
    i need to find a garage that are willing to do it now as my local diesel specialist will do all work except injectors!
    unless there is anybody out there willing to this for me who is confident?
    pm me if so!
  6. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    your local "diesel" specialist won't change an injector? why?

    its not that hard or tricky. if i did it infront of you you'd think there was nothing to it lol!
  7. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    i am not sure why mate! they do absolutely everything else but injectors!
    i have found a specialist in durham who will supply and fit a recon injector and give me a 12month warranty on it for £250 plus vat!
    will need car for around 4 hours.
  8. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    being that a new one from tps is upwards of £400? i dont know whether id jump on a recon at 250 fitted or not, if you know what i mean!
  9. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    quick update!
    i decided to get the injector loom and fit it to see if thats the problem as been told it might be!
    in a nut shell......................... no it was not! and my little mis-fire vibration is still there! BOO!
    to conclude though, was a pretty simple job `to do!
    and went something like this
    go to TPS and buy part for £76
    remove top cover off engine
    undo breather pipe (a clip) from rocker cover
    un loosen torx bolts on rocker cover (x9) i think lol!
    move rocker cover out of the way,
    un clip injectors with long nose pliers, (squeaze gently the metal tab)
    un clip the glow plugs (pull with pliers)
    loosen loom rail fixing with 5mm allen key,
    using pipe grips loosen large connector outside of rocker compartment and un plug
    using pipe grips unloosen secondary connector and remove,
    your now ready to remove loom!
    now do the above in reverse!
    simples! bob is your uncle and fanny is your aunt as they say etc!

    did it fix it?
    did it buggery! lol
    but my car still works and i have not killed it! lol
    so a new injector it is for me then or a recon one cos i am tight!
  10. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    iv got a bloke refurbing my injector/injectors depending on whats what with them. im using united diesel just outside of shrewsbury, very good reputation and keith is a clued up bloke!
  11. wazz

    wazz Member

    Do Audi diesel injectors not need to be coded by Audi after fitting?

    I remember reading this somewhere. Might be mistaken though....
  12. Richh999

    Richh999 Member

    Hey Chez, I was just wondering where you got with this as I'm having an issue with my injector on cylinder 2. I have been told to change the loom first but don't want to do this if it does bugger all.. Have you fitted a recon unit? was it hard to do? Does it work or not? Thanks

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