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Recommended Oil

Chimera Aug 2, 2002

  1. Chimera

    Chimera Member

    I think in this case its just having something a little different, the E46 coupe is a very very popular car all round the world and I dont think what this guy has done is a bad thing, a bit over the top yes but it I think it looks nicer than a bog standard E46 Coupe, certainly will turn heads which is probably what this guy is after!

    I agree about the Max Power mentality, Ive had a fair selction of cars over the years and Ive done various things to them but they have been more aimed towards power and handling than cosmetic.

    98% of cars look worse when modded in my eyes, but it depends on the car. I wouldnt touch the M3 in a million years but I would be tempted to stick some nicer wheels on a 330ci if I had one, or a few little ACS bits, nothing drastic!

    Its just and individual thing, what looks **** in my eyes looks good in someone elses, I think making a car look like something it isnt is ****, phoneys are a no no but a 330ci AC Schnitzer isnt a bad thing IMO.

    Cars that appear in Max power are a joke, same with Performance BMW, I made the mistake of buying for a flight recently and I left it on the plane on purpose - shocking what people do to cars, and they are all ****** ones like 318s and stuff! - worth the £4 for amount of laughing I did!! [​IMG]
  2. peterc

    peterc New Member

    ACS 3 from the E46 fanatics board has a very similar car to me (got to agree the exhaust wastes it a little).

    I've been on the E46 Fanatics phorum for over a year know and they're great. Just had my paddle shifts fitted which were designed by one of the guys on the group, and my car goes in to have Fibre optic angel eyes (like the 5 series) installed next week, again something arranged by someone on the group.

  3. darrenp

    darrenp Member

    What engine oil do you lads recommend for a 110 TDI A4?

    Thanks in advance

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