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Recommendations for valve stem seal work in kent?

chazza55 Nov 22, 2013

  1. chazza55

    chazza55 got an S3 8L: living the dream

    Evening all.....

    So my amk s3 has been smoking a bit in the morning on the way into work.....doesn't last too long before the smoke disappears and it only happens after the car has sat for a bit.

    No smoke when foot to the floor in 4th on full boost.

    With this info I has diagnosed it to be valve stem seals/guides rather than turbo seals......if anyone has other suggestions I am happy to listen to suggestions.

    Had the old MOT today and passed....but the guy doesn't think it'll make it through the next one.

    So my question is: Does anyone know a reputable non-rip-off place in kent to get stem seal/guide work done?......and can anyone give an indication as to how much this willi set me back?

    Preferably around the Maidstone area......an audi specialist? Do 4rings take on this sort of thing or are they only servicing?

    Thanks in advance for any input you guys may have!

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