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Recommend me a decent budget home CCTV kit

tedward Nov 16, 2012

  1. tedward

    tedward Member

    As per title really could do with a decent budget CCTV kit that has decent night vision and a clear view during the day to mainly to watch my drive and cars and approach to the house generally.

    How do these things work regarding recording? I take it you have to have sone kind of large data storage device?

    Also don't fancy having a load of cables trailing all over, does anyone know of a wireless kit? (if even exist)

    Any thoughts or recommendations appreciated!

  2. JayP

    JayP Member

    My mate installs CCTV systems and i've helped him out on a few jobs.

    If your gonna install it yourself then best to buy a DIY system, just search CCTV systems, there are plenty of suppliers out there, try avoiding the cheap systems on ebay available from abroad though. Im sure you can buy 1/2/4/8/16 camera systems.

    Nearly all cameras have day/night function in which they will automatically switch over when it starts getting dark, obviously if you have decent lighting then picture will be better than if it's total darkness.

    The recording is done via a DVR which come in all sorts of memory sizes. I helped out with a system install last month and the 1TB DVR was about the size of a small DVD palyer. We located it in one of the bedrooms with a small 15" monitor and wired the 4x cameras through the loft to the DVR. All the cables were neatly clipped so didn't look messy. This particular system my mate set up for remote mobile viewing. Most DVR's can be networked for remote viewing. So you can be anywhere in the world and watch live video of your camera's at home on your mobile phone or laptop. Now that i find so cool.

    My mate tries to avoid wireless systems as he's had problems with interference in picture quality.

    Shame your so far away from the Midlands, im sure my mate would have quoted you up a decent system if you were nearer.
  3. tedward

    tedward Member

    Thanks for that, I have been to maplin to see what they have on offer and they seem to have a really decent 1 camera kit for £169.

    From what i have found the wireless kits are no good for my potential positioning so a hard wired kit is the way to go for me.

    I was impressed with the quality of the picture ( these things have come a long way in 10 years)!
  4. dex140

    dex140 Member

    My old man has the maplin kit with a pc dvr. The system runs really well through the PC and the night vision on the camera is reasonable. The playback is good and the software is good too! Think the PC DVr is mate by swan? and has 4 channels for four cameras ...hes running two atm!
  5. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    I went with the easy option: IP cameras. I got recommended panasonic, and ordered a BLC 160 which has a nighttime LED to light the scene. Recording is based on motion / perimetric sensor and will send video or stills to FTP or email as well as allowing live view over the Internet. Got it from network webcams- highly recommend both. It does power over Ethernet, so only one cable. Job done.

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