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Recent remap worries.

JayMc Oct 11, 2009

  1. JayMc

    JayMc Searching for 6th gear

    I've had my 99 s3 remapped by custom code on saturday, when they were doing it they told me it had already had a Revo trial remap on it. And had left some of their info on the ecu. How long does a trial remap last for?
    The car performed really well before hand, i took it for a test drive straight after they had finished and it felt exactly the same- maybe slightly less aggressive, I told them and they said i needed to replace the dv valve, which i did with a forge item. The car went a lot better after, but i cant help thinking the car already had a revo remap on it and only needed the dv valve replacing to achieve full boost again.
    Am i just being paranoid? The car certainly pulls better than it did before but feels a little less 'aggressive'
    Surely custom code wouldn't of just flashed their map onto a already remaped ecu when all it really needed was the dv valve replacing?
  2. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    the trial map only lasts for 5 hours or so and then they replace the oem map with their interpretation of the oem map. ( thats what i understand anyways). The REVO map seems to be quite aggresive compared to what i hear about the CC remap. im not sure if you can overwrite CC after a proper REVO map on there in the first place.?? NOt too sure.
  3. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    Yeah the revo trial map only lasts 5 hours so if that were the case you'd be running pratically standard, if cc did then put one of there maps on the car it should in essence feel a lot quicker than before, perhaps your car was already mapped with revo, hard to call...
  4. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    did your car actually have full revo code on it tho? who and when was the trial done?
    on rare occasions, revo trial has not timed out... very rare..

    Cc is smoother delivery than revo, as thats how they prefer to map it. Oe feel just more.

    If your car had full revo, its gone now, as its overwritten by cc.

    unless cc still have their old revo cables, and only if they felt the urge, would they check for other code on there. thats not normal practice. flash their code is what they would do, regardless of whats already in there or not.

    I do revo and cc and check for resident revo first, and twice in the years I have been doing remaps, have I come across a revo code already in there, just turned back to stock.. in which case I just turned it on and they effectively got a free remap, and just paid for my time.
  5. JayMc

    JayMc Searching for 6th gear

    I'm not sure where, when or who did the revo trial. I've managed to contact two previous owners and they both didn't know if any trial map had been used, but that was only upto about 4 & a half years ago.

    All i was asked by cc was 'did the car go well' which in my opinion it did. They then said it had somewhen had a revo trial map on it

    Bill, are you are saying cc could of just put their map on even if it (possibly) already had a full revo map on and still charged me!?
    Surely they would of told me it didn't need doing.

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