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Reccomend me a Photo-Host Please

stevemiles70 Jan 30, 2011

  1. stevemiles70

    stevemiles70 Member

    Hi all,

    Hope this is the most appropriate place to post this qeustion>

    can anyone recommend me a good photo host please. I have been using Photobucket for the photos of my detail threads, but I find it quite long winded to upload the pics and then copy and paste the IMG links to create my posts (Cut and paste 50-100 times) and the fact that the site is very cluttered as seems more interested in advertising revenue and other social media nonsense and space it can sell on its space, than concentrate of the end user ability and experinence to uploas/ edit/ share photos and finally I am now starting to exceed my allowed bandwidth and space.

    So I think I have outgrown it and time to look elsewhere.

    Can anyone recommend a host site that also allows for quick/ bulk resizing, editing (swirling/ masking number plates etc on 50 photos) and renaming, and maybe some way that allows you to bulk export or copy all the IMG tag URLs from an album into a tect file ready then to just copu and paste inti a forum.

    Maybe I am asking/ looking for too much. Would appreciate any advice or experiences from people. Thanks.

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