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Rear wiper wont stop!

18 stoner Feb 17, 2008

  1. 18 stoner

    18 stoner New Member

    I recently bought a 2002 avant and all going well til this weekend.....

    I was just driving along and the rear wiper started, couldnt switch it off at all so ended up pulling the fuse. That of course has knocked out the front wipers.

    Later that day the illustration on the dash started showing the rear hatch open, i opened and closed it, the light went off for a while, came back on, now cant get it to stay off.

    Last night in fear of the little light on the rear door running the battery flat i took out the wires from the back of the lamp.

    Two hours later the alarm went off. Now i am locking the car manually so as not to set the alarm.:scared2:

    Any one got any clues as to WTF is going on?:motz:
  2. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    ...its Megatron mate,He's back!!!!:scared2:

    Its a strange one, well I know what id do if it was me, Id get it checked out,try and avoid going to the stealers though, maybe an Auto electrician maybe..
    Not sure whether a VAG might throw up something, worth a go though if you know someone with a VAG!
  3. 18 stoner

    18 stoner New Member

    Yeh, cheers, i know a lad who just bought an a6 avant who is interested.

    He just happens to be workshop manager for our county council:salute:

    I will try him in the week, but im hoping someone might be able to throw light on it.:faint:
  4. marms

    marms Member

    Very likely to be the washer pipe has come off the rear wiper and is dumping water into the wiper motor. Shorting out the electronics and causing the wiper to go wild. The water will also find its way down and into the boot lock and hence you are getting the boot open warning and the alarm triggering.

    Pop the panel off the inside of the tailgate and see whats going on in there.
    Check for water in the boot / spare wheel well and the bottom on the tailgate.

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