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Rear Wiper Washer problem

MrTackalakalaka May 15, 2013

  1. Hello everyone

    For a while the rear window washer hasnt worked. Noticed a puddle under the engine.......remember reading somewhere about taking the air box out and you could get to the pipe that has popped off.
    Anyone know where the thread is?

    Have taken the air box out but cant seem to locate the pipe. Ive noticed some plastic casing that runs under neath the air box that looks like it has hoses in it.......tried to get it off but couldn't work out how to do it without breaking something.

    Anyone got any threads which may help or even better some pics?

  2. no worries......all done. think the plastic bit that connects the washer hose together has had it. will no doubt pop back off in the near future

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