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Rear wiper wash issue

consilio Jan 2, 2010

  1. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    Hi all,

    Just a quick one. My rear wiper wash has stopped working. I can hear the pump when pushing the stalk but no water comes out. I suspect a hose has split or blown off whilst I tried to use it and the water was frozen. However I tried to check for leaks or puddles and can't find anything. Any idea where the hose runs for the rear screen wipe, r what the problem could be?

  2. Mick a3

    Mick a3 Mellow Yellow


    Snap! ive got the exact ame problem.Just one off those odd jobs ive never got round to fixing, My mate reckons its just blocked somewhere along the line and reckons to try sticking a pin or needle in the hole to check thats not blocked.
  3. Paul Laird

    Paul Laird Member

    There was a thread bout this a couple of wks ago, i had a a3 in my work, the pipe had came off at the rear wiper, showed no leaks in the boot, women was complaining bout her alarm kept on goin off and was sayin openboot on the dash rear wiper inop, this was caused by the rear washer pipe came off causen the water to spray into the boot latch connector, cleaned out connector with a airline, cleaned out washerjet, contact greased connector,refitted washer pipe and boot trim fault cured!(boot trim comes off with two torques screws, clips) hope this helps:salute: (MEMBER IF U HAVE THE BONNET OPEN THE WASHERS AND WIPERS WONT WORK VAG THING:laugh:)
  4. a3_dan

    a3_dan Member

    I had same prob, I think mine was blocked up. Audi replaced the rear washer jet assembly during my last service. Job done! Think it was about 4-5 quid! If you need a part number let me know and i will check the receipt.
  5. Lance-22

    Lance-22 A3TDI

    ive had this issue before, had it fixed about a year ago, problem has came back again, think im just going to de-wiper now, more trouble than its worth!!
  6. gordongecko

    gordongecko Member

    Same here, I had this a yr ago could hear the pump but nothing would come out. Tried the pin idea etc but nothing happened so I took it to audi and they replaced it under warranty. Not had problems since but use it more often than I otherwise would just to avoid it getting blocked (in case that was the problem last time).

    If it wasn't under warranty think audi would have charged £25 for the job (recall seeing something close to that number on a receipt/invoice I signed)
  7. 330_2_S3

    330_2_S3 Member

    Its the cold weather blocking it up, I had this fixed twice now @dealer under warranty and think its doing the same thing again.... I wouldn't bother doing anything unless your car is going to delear for some work or something as the same problem will keep occuring in this weather. Wait till summer if its still F'd then sort it out...

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